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We provide interim management, consulting, education, mentoring and expert on-site assistance, all built on a deep technical understanding of systems and infrastructure.

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BCS - the chartered institute for IT

8th November 2018

Delivering mission-critical systems by Colin Butcher of XDelta Limited, for the BCS Wiltshire Branch.

This session discussed the complexities and difficulties of leading mission-critical systems projects.

The design and implementation of highly available disaster-tolerant and mission critical systems requires a more disciplined approach to systems engineering than is common in the IT industry.

To successfully design and deliver mission critical systems it is important to have a sound understanding of technology and how to apply it in order to make reasonable decisions. Effective communication with all involved in the project is essential in order to guide the project through to successful completion.

BCS - the chartered institute for IT

1st August 2018

Systems performance engineering by Colin Butcher of XDelta Limited, for the BCS Edinburgh Branch.

This session discussed the principles governing systems performance when designing and trouble-shooting systems and their associated infrastructure.

There are a wide range of issues to be considered, especially those affecting throughput, response times, scalability and availability. Performance is not something that can always be dealt with by system tuning or simply buying bigger hardware.

Performance issues frequently result in systems failing in some form or other, which affects availability and causes disruption to service. Understanding the characteristics that govern performance and overall system behaviour helps us to design and implement more reliable systems that can cope with changing workloads.

Connect - an HP User Group

14th - 16th May 2018.

Connect Germany Spring 2018 conference - Leipzig.

This year’s event includes an OpenVMS specific stream with sessions from VMS Software Inc. and XDelta, among others.