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We provide interim management, consulting, education, mentoring and expert on-site assistance, all built on a deep technical understanding of systems and infrastructure.

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Connect - an HP User Group

14th - 16th May 2018.

Connect Germany Spring 2018 conference - Leipzig.

This year’s event includes an OpenVMS specific stream with sessions from VMS Software Inc. and XDelta, among others.

VMS Software Inc.

September 2016

VMS Software Inc. (VSI) - Why move to VSI OpenVMS ?

As part of XDelta's commitment to the VSI Professional Services Alliance, Colin Butcher recorded a 20 minute talk for VSI about the business aspects of OpenVMS and why it makes sense to migrate to VSI OpenVMS.

VMS Software Inc.

April 2016, Bolton (MA, USA) and Bristol (UK)

Announcement: VMS Software Inc. and XDelta strategic alliance.

VMS Software Inc. and XDelta Limited have agreed to form a strategic alliance to work with OpenVMS customers in UK and Europe as part of the VSI Professional Services Alliance.

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