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Infrastructure - Consulting & Integration

We work with all aspects of the business infrastructure - people & technology.

The mission critical infrastructure

XDelta has many years of experience in designing and implementing "stuff that works". Systems that don't quit. Systems that adapt to change with zero loss of service. Systems that businesses and lives depend on.

Technology for business

The technology infrastructure is not just about computers. It's also about the people and how they work and communicate with each other. The infrastructure is just a set of tools used by people to get work done.

This is the foundation of the operational core of a business. When the technology you rely on stops working, so does the business. It’s that simple.

Most businesses have become utterly dependent on communication mechanisms such as e-mail and web sites. Internet based trading is a key part of business expansion. It allows a business to be open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week – and customers come to depend on it. So, the technology infrastructure has to work consistently and reliably, all the time.

We have to improve our understanding of how to apply technology to our business, thus being able to make better informed decisions that balance the long-term benefits against the risks and costs. Those people who really understand how to best utilise technology and who can clearly communicate how and why to use that technology have a key place at the heart of the business.

Unfortunately, most organisations don’t have access to genuinely multi-skilled experts who can interface between the people infrastructure and the technology infrastructure. As businesses become increasingly dependent on the underlying technology these people are essential to the very survival of the business.

Most businesses have people within their organisation who are capable of working in a multi-disciplinary manner. The trick is finding them and developing them.

A practical alternative to having scarce multi-skilled people in-house is to bring them in on an interim basis - and use them wisely to enhance and develop your in-house capabilities.

Our approach

By applying the discipline of working with high-availability systems we can help you to get this back under control. It's a lot easier to deal with small to medium sized infrastructures if you have the experience of working with large and complex high-availability systems. You can take the underlying principles and implement them simply and easily in a smaller environment. This approach enables us to deliver real business value quickly and effectively.

We have an outstanding record of excellence, especially with demanding mission critical environments.

Involve us

A key part of any project is expert guidance and advice to help you minimise the risks and to be able to do things well for yourselves.

Make use of our expertise. We're here to help you.