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We do "Stuff that works"...

Almost everything we do comes by personal recommendation.

We ensure that your systems are appropriate for your needs and that they can grow and adapt as your business evolves.

We design and implement systems and infrastructure to be capable of change with minimal disruption. That's how we achieve high availability and disaster tolerance.

We can reverse engineer systems and infrastructure to then plan and implement migrations with minimal disruption. With careful planning and design, we can even move systems between data centres without downtime.

We work closely with you and your suppliers to educate and develop your own people so that you understand what your systems do, how they do it, and why they work as they do. This approach minimises risk and cost by enabling you to respond quickly without relying on scarce external assistance.

Objectivity and independence

Independent experts have skills and experience that can complement your own, often identifying practical solutions to problems that you encounter.

Bring them in early and discuss your ideas with them. It's usually far cheaper to make mistakes early on paper rather than later in a project, especially when you've started to invest in software and technology.

Don't focus on the cost of help, instead focus on the risk and cost of failure. Balance that against the likely costs and timescales, then plan ahead and involve them accordingly.


A key part of any project is expert design, guidance and leadership to help you minimise the risks and understand the options.

You need to find an experienced team you can trust and who has a strong track record.

A record earned in demanding environments like healthcare, finance, retail, telecommunications, manufacturing and aerospace; working internationally in both government and commercial sectors.

A team of experts who can apply that hard-won experience to any situation, no matter what scale.

A team of people who care about what they do, how well they do it - and who will share their knowledge and experience to help you.

Plan for success

All projects are constrained by cost and timescales. Some are also constrained by what is technically feasible.

You need a "trusted advisor" to whom you can turn for practical advice and guidance, based on hard-won experience.

That's what we do best.