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XDelta Limited - Background and History

Colin Butcher

Experience, Innovation and Practicality

XDelta is an independent consulting organisation that specialises in designing and implementing mission critical and disaster-tolerant systems, typically acting as design authority and technical architect. Specialist skills include in-depth technical consulting, project management and leadership of mission critical infrastructure projects. The company was founded in 1996 by Colin Butcher and works across a wide range of industries, such as finance, telecommunications, energy, aerospace and healthcare.

We all have a systems engineering background which, combined with a wide range of other interests, provides us with the ability to empathise with clients and understand the wider background of complex and difficult projects. XDelta has considerable experience with mission critical, mission critical and safety-critical environments, providing authoritative technical guidance and project leadership based on a sound understanding of the issues involved.

The core team consists of:

XDelta also brings in additional trusted expertise as required to assist with the design, delivery and support of projects, thus providing a single point of contact for the design and implementation of mission critical systems.

Colin is a well-known presenter of both technical and leadership seminars for various organisations, such as the BCS, the UKCMG and the world-wide HP user community (HPUG, Connect, etc.). He also writes articles for a variety of publications.

Colin was a finalist in both the 2008 and 2003 BCS IT Professional Awards for "IT Consultant of the Year" for his work on two major projects (healthcare and aerospace). His professional qualifications include Fellow of the British Computer Society, Chartered IT Professional and Chartered Engineer. Colin received a 1st class Hons. BSc in Mechanical Engineering from Leeds University in 1977.